What Are Tenga Eggs?


And like most things from Japan, they are amazing!

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Simple and pleasurable in a whole new way! Attaining maximum pleasure was never this easy! That is the fabulous Tenga Egg “ona-cup”. Not just a masturbation hole, it’s a new masterpiece of pleasure! These EGGS have been created with simplicity and ease of enjoyment and use. AND Includes Lube!

Enjoy self-pleasure anytime with Tenga eggs. Peel the outer layer like you would a hard-boiled egg; then crack open the shell to reveal an “ona-cup”.

These egg-shaped masturbation sleeves offer several unique internal textures. Get different stokes from different yolks! Wavy has horizontal ripples and Twister has vertical ones. Silky features a thread-spun surface while Spider is lined with a web pattern. Clicker has protruding spheres. Stepper has notched out semi-circles. Stimulate the penis head or stretch the sleeve down the entire shaft. Although intended for a single session; the cup could be used a couple of times if handled and cleaned carefully. Indulge in a diet of delicious sensation with these incredible pleasurable eggs!

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